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Street Dance Activism's Global Dance Meditation, Day 7

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 12.10.32

Photo Credit: Andy Cohen, Fiftheye Photography

Happy Couple

Women dancing inside out

Empowerment Workshops


To build awareness of the influences of socialization and learned behavior on how we live our lives as women, and to use this awareness in order to empower, support and nurture women.

Facilitated by Marlies Yearby | Live music by Nioka Workman | Visual expression by Fern Bass | Video direction by Michelle Halsell

moving the authentic voice

This dynamic 3-day workshop utilizes the expressive tools of writing, dancing, music and voicing to examine the origins of Identity, activating participants to engage their true impulses.  From this new place, the participants create artistic expressions of themselves exchanged in an informal sharing amongst invited friends on the final day.


"The coming together of women soul-dwellers and artists, an undeniable collection of electromagnetic force fields, is the best way to move the universe and this workshop proved that again."


—  Anasuya

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