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Fast Forward Dreaming

Fast Forward Dreaming marks Marlies Yearby's first foray into Digital Art as an expression and extension of her storytelling. Fast Forward Dreaming is a 3-part series sharing the story of Oneness with nature and the limitlessness of time.

This digital art collection merges over 40 years of experience in making art for the stage and across multimedia platforms to build bridges of understanding in a world of differences.

  • Tracing is the first series of the collection, dancing with AI, paint, and collage as we move through portals of discovery. 

  • Breathe and Float are the titles of the other 2 series and will include MP4s, paint, collage and audio stories. 


Identity Plays will bring together these musical collaborations, poetry and digital art collabs.

"I am a lover of the creative process and the ways art making evokes change, inspiration and boundlessness." - Marlies Yearby, reflecting on the process of creating this digital art expression

Sea Me / Sea Me Float

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 12.43.55
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