Artist Activist, Choreographer, Director,


Out Now!

This May 2021, Marlies Yearby released a collection of NFT art on the Zora marketplace.


Marlies Yearby is an artist, choreographer, and director with a global perspective who has created work across various platforms including theater, film, and diverse multimedia. Ms. Yearby has developed a creative process called “In Our Bones Technique” as an acknowledgment of the legacies, lived experiences, memories, and day-to-day energies ever-present in moving bodies at work. In Our Bones Technique centers on the practices of observation, discovery, and play. Her creative practices develop a visceral connection to the work, which brings forth integrity and authenticity in its performance.

“Ms. Yearby's choreography [in Brown Butterfly] establishes the gut-level fundaments of Mr. Ali's life: move fast and ensure being out there by yourself... Mr. Harris and Ms. Yearby seem to be after grandeur here, and they have achieved it."

Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

"Often we are told what we should or should not do. Few are able to tell us how; fewer still are able to guide us to authentic voice. Marlies has a gift through which she has found a way to serve woom'an!"

Bonnie Sandy, 'Women Dancing Inside Out' Empowerment Workshop Participant


Seed Awakening On The Eve of Blue

Seed Awakening On The Eve Of Blue addressing the crisis in real food, environment and health as commodity in disenfranchised communities globally and right here at home.