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'Rent' The Musical

For a quarter of a century, Jonathan Larson’s RENT has inspired us to choose love over fear and to live without regret. This Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning phenomenon follows a year in the lives of a diverse group of artists and friends struggling to follow their dreams without selling out. It has become more than a musical – it’s a cultural touchstone, a rite of passage and a source of joy and strength for millions. Marlies Yearby is best known as the Tony-nominated choreographer of this Broadway hit. 

“‘Out Tonight’ [is] a wild ride of a musical number that features gyrating, frenzied, and absolutely perfect choreography from Marlies Yearby.”

- Susie Potter, Triangle Arts & Entertainment, January 29, 2020


Photo Credit: Monica Simoes


“Marlies Yearby has created some fine dancing… Rent got a well-deserved standing ovation at the curtain call.”

- Westfield NewsRoom, March 13, 2019

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

“Director Evan Ensign has taken Michael Greif’s original direction and together with Marlies Yearby’s superb choreography have made this show a seamless ensemble piece.”

- Susan Galbraith, DC Theatre Scene, June 21, 2017


Photo Credit: Amy Boyle 2019


“Marlies Yearby, the show's choreographer, brings such wit and verve to the first-act finale (the banquet number, ‘La Vie Boheme’)”

- Ben Brantley, New York Times, April 30, 1996

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

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April 30, 1996

“In a season full of surprises, ‘Rent’ is the pinnacle… ‘Rent’ makes the musical theater joyously important again.”

February 25, 1996

“‘Rent’ is… rich enough (it has passion, principles and daring) to send you home believing you've experienced something like a catharsis.”

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