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"On the viewing screen it really looked like all the pads were dancing one choreographed piece.  If the music slowed the dancers across the pads slowed. It was something to see."

- Rodney Hurley, managing director of the Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts in Brooklyn at Long Island University


It happened! Across the globe virtually and in realtime history was made. A simultaneous freestyle dance improvisation was launched on DanceHackIt's Virtual Screening Room Saturday November 19, 2011 at 2:10pm.  DanceHackIt was conceived and directed by Marlies Yearby (Tony Nominated choreographer of RENT)  with Video Engineer Paul Demps switched the live feed from The Gambia, West Africa, St Lucia in the Caribbean, Vermont, USA and in Brooklyn, NY USA into one virtual viewing area. 


The energy between the dancing Pads was electric as it showcased the individual's self expression and the leadership style of their Pad Leaders. 


DanceHackIt’s tech hack was guided by community activist and Brooklyn NY hailed fashionista Bonnie Sandy Sterling. Ms Sterling asked Ms Yearby what she would do with technology if she could and DanceHackIt was her response.  It was this musing that DanceHackIt test launch was born. Then the idea was met with many tech challenges and now in the face of the pandemic and the growth of technology it seems the perfect time to once again explore the boundaries of tech in real time exchanges.  Currently Ms Yearby prepares to explore the possibilities in another test lab at Harvard University.

Photo Credit: FifthEye Studio

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